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Tri-Regions competition

  Updated 12th Jul

This year's Tri-Regional Race will be at Welwyn on 15th October.

LSERSA would like to enter 8 teams of 5 racers, so we will need 40 racers and some reserves. At least one member of each team must be of the opposite gender, a minimum of one U16 or below including U10s, and not more than 2 senior or masters in each. Children must be in the U10s or above.

Anybody who has raced in one or more LSERSA race this season is eligible. To register interest please email Claire Gravener with each racers name, year of birth, club and T-shirt size. There is no fee for participating and you get a free race T-shirt.

Teams will be selected by Emily Evans, Regional Head Coach, based on run times for each race so far this season and general performance.

Please note that for this event all racers will be going through full race poles.


2016 Race Schedule

  Updated 12th Jul

Dates and results for the 2016 race season are as follows:

Summer Series 2016

Entries for the remaining 2016 summer race series are still available online at

Sunday 8th May 2016   Brentwood 1 Individual Results Ski Results website
Sunday 19th June 2016   Brentwood 2 Individual Results Ski Results website
Sunday 3rd July 2016   Aldershot Ski Results website
Sunday 10th July 2016   Welwyn Ski Results website
Sunday 16th October 2016   Brentwood 3 (followed by end of season)

Surrey Schools - Sunday 20th March 2016, Aldershot. Race results here.

Kent Schools - Saturday 7th May 2016, Brentwood. Race results here.

London Schools - Sunday 12th June 2016, Welwyn. Race results here.

Tri-Regional - Saturday 15th October 2016, Welwyn.


Wednesday Training Points

  Updated 23rd Aug
August 2016 - as an Excel (.xlsx) file or website view.
The rules for the 2016 timed sessions are on the training page.

FIS Newsflashes

  Updated 5th Jun
#599 - 1 June 201650th FIS Congress ready to take place in Cancun ... and more
#598 - 25 May 2016Q&A with FIS President Gian Franco Kasper ... and more
Index More newsflashes on FIS site

Snowsport England

  Updated 6th June

Rollerski News

  Updated 26th Jan
January 17th, 2014 - Andrew Musgrave, Champion of Norway ...
Important Notice to ALL Racers
Due to the quantity of unsportsmanlike behaviour at dry slope races following gate faults, ranging from carrying on to cross the Finish Line, swearing, and pole abuse, all TDs & Race Organisers have been reminded that sanctions are to be applied if behaviour contravenes competition rules. Please be aware that this could ultimately lead to the sanction of 'suspension from events' (ICR 223.3.2).

If you know of any LSERSA skier who has done well anywhere, or have any other news that is suitable for publication here, please email Dom Wakeling.


It's ecstasy, anguish, joy and despair.
It's part of our history.
It's part of our country and will be part of our future.
It's theatre, art, war and love.
It should be predictable, but never is.
It's a feeling that can't be explained but we spend our lives explaining it.
It's our religion. We do not deny it, we do not apologise for it.
We know how you feel about it because we feel the same.

This web site links to various other web sites as a service to our readers. LSERSA is not responsible for the content of these and LSERSA does not necessarily endorse or even agree with the content of these other web sites.

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Last updated: 23rd Aug 2016