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Race Rules
A Guide to the Rules of Ski Racing - A useful reminder, and invaluable if you are new to Ski Racing.
British Rules for Ski Racing

2017 Summer Races

Kent Schools Ski Championships - Brentwood - Saturday 6th May
London Schools Ski Race - Welwyn - Sunday 18th June
Surrey Schools Ski Championships - Aldershot - Sunday 1st October

LSERSA v ERSA v SRSA Tri-Regional Event - date & venue to be confirmed

2017 Summer Ski Race Series

Entries for the 2017 series are available online at A discounted rate for entry to all races in the series will be available before the first race.

2017 Race Format

Individual Slalom

Races will be ranked on the combined time for their best 2 out of 3 timed runs through the same slalom course. Racers who do not achieve two timed runs will still be eligible to take part in the head-to-head and team races.

Individual Head to Heads

Racers will seeded into "boxes" of four based on their best time from the individual slalom event (irrespective of whether that time was achieved with stubbies or full poles), giving each racer three head-to-head races. The winner of each race will be awarded an additional point which will be added to points from the individual slalom in the season overall placings. If only one racer reports to the start then that racer will be awarded a bye and receive the point.

Dual Slalom

Club Team Event - Clubs may enter one or more teams of 5 racers. Club teams must be entered before start of third run

Fun Team Event - Racers not in club teams will be computer selected from their best run slalom time and computed into teams of near equal ability. Any racer not wishing to take part in the fun teams should advise race control on the day.

Late Entries

The Race Committee and LSERSA Chairman have agreed that late entries will not be accepted.

Age Groups

LSERSA Age Groups for Summer Series 2017.


Assistance in the form of Race Officials is essential to ensure that the LSERSA races run smoothly. On the standard entry form individual competitors are asked to indicate if family members can officiate - and we would appreciate it if people could continue to do this. However, if we do not receive adequate volunteers via the entry forms any Club who has at least 5 racers competing on any one of the races will be expected to provide two volunteers. Clubs will be contacted either prior to the race or, if necessary, on the actual day. Your cooperation with this scheme would be greatly appreciated.

Slope Restrictions

BBQs and any other form of camp cooking equipment are not permitted at ANY slope due to Fire Safety regulations.

Yellow cable pulling Gunk (wax) is NOT pemitted at Welwyn.

Individual Slalom Events

Since we run an inter-club competition it is important that a racer's name, club and age group (year of birth) are specified correctly. Please check these, and generally for other errors such as spelling mistakes.

Saturday 29th AprilWelwyn 1
Sunday 7th MayBrentwood 1
Saturday 17th JuneBrentwood 2
Sunday 2nd JulyAldershot
Sunday 8th OctoberWelwyn 2

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Last updated: 25th April 2017